No Time to Exercise?

Most days, I feel drained. Having an infant mean getting less sleep at night and having a toddler means waking up early because she doesn’t understand the term sleeping in, or naps for that matter. I do not have the desire to work out ever. I got a Fitbit a few Christmas’s ago and while I am aware of my activity, I am also aware of my sleep patterns, calorie intake and burn off, as well as how much water I drink.

During the warmer months, it’s a lot easier to get a work out in. I don’t even think about it. After having both my kids, I was fortunate enough (thank you, genetics) to bounce back to my pre pregnancy weight within day of having the kids. I, however am getting older, and I fear the point in my life where my metabolism decides to slow down and I balloon up. It happened to my mom and grandma, and I’m sure it will happen to me.

During the spring and summer we are outside, working in the yard and the garden. We have a smallish hobby farm (minus the animal as of now, I want chickens eventually) and we have a variety of fruit and vegetables and a little under 2 acres to take care of. I run around with Kenzie or ride bikes, so exercise is more about fun and taking care of the yard rather than going to the gym. My arm work out, well I get that from lugging around a 17lb.+ baby boy.

kenz-snomanBut come winter, I do not want to be outside, it’s too cold, and I hate the snow. I think it has something to do with me growing up in California. But you know how it goes, if your kid sings “do you want to build a snow man” you build a snowman.

If I am not at home, and taking care of all that entails, I am at work. I have recently developed a no fuss work out that I can do while I am working or while I am doing daily tasks.




At work I:

  • Do lunges- We have to restock gallons of milk at least 4 times on a 4-hour shift. I can carry 2 in each hand, about 32 pounds, for about 500 feet. I do lunges for that distance.
  • Do squats-instead of bending over to put the milk in the refrigerators or grab any products I need from that lower distance. The same applies to cleaning and wiping down areas.

At home I:

  • Chase Kenzie up and down the stairs for several minutes.
  • Lift Hunter up and down consecutively in 10 reps a few times.
  • Plank while Hunter has “belly time”
  • And I do “Kitchen counter push-ups”

Follow this link to see what I mean by kitchen counter pushups.

It’s not as hard when you don’t think of it as exercise, and you can incorporate it into your daily task. I mean, I even have coworkers doing it at work, so I will take that as a win on impacting some people.


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